Migrants: Arrival and Departure VC41

Phenology of species in Spring & Autumn in Glamorgan VC41.
All records are from GOS/GBC Database

Species                                                Arrival                                Departure
Garganey                                              2nd March                           2nd December
Honey Buzzard                                     16th April                             28th October
Marsh Harrier*                                     5th January                           7th December
Montagu's Harrier                                 22nd April                            11th September
Osprey                                                 24th January                         19th October
Hobby                                                  11th April                             18th October
Common Quail                                      12th April                             25th October
Spotted Crake                                      18th March                          15th November
Corn Crake                                          14th March                         14th October
Stone-curlew                                        16th April                            22nd August
Little Ringed Plover                               15th March                         9th October
Dotterel                                                18th April                            20th October
Whimbrel                                              Jan to Dec
Wood Sandpiper                                  2nd May                             18th November
Pomarine Skua                                     Jan to Dec
Arctic Skua                                          Jan to Dec
Long-tailed Skua                                  19th May                            22nd December
Sandwich Tern                                     23rd March                         16th November
Roseate Tern                                       18th April                             26th September
Common Tern                                      27th March                          13th November
Arctic Tern                                           24th March                          11th November
Little Tern                                             16th April                            27th October
Black Tern                                            3rd April                             11th November
Turtle Dove                                          1st Jan                                 29th November
Common Cuckoo                                 10th Feb                             3rd November
European Nightjar                                19th April                            9th October
Common Swift                                     9th March                           26th November
Hoopoe                                               22nd March                        27th November
Wryneck                                             11th April                            22nd November
Sand Martin                                        1st March                            25th November
Barn Swallow                                      23rd February                     13th December
House Martin                                       17th February                     8th December
Tree Pipit                                            20th March                          3rd November
Yellow Wagtail                                    27th March                         30th December
Common Redstart                               12th March                         11th  December [1]
Whinchat                                             20th March                         25th December [2]
Ring Ouzel                                          22nd January                       28th December [3]
Grasshopper Warbler                          5th April                             10th October
Aquatic Warbler                                 no spring records                 2nd Aug - 4th Oct
Sedge Warbler                                   17th March                          17th November
Reed Warbler                                    17th March                          5th November
Lesser Whitethroat [nominate]            5th April                              8th October [4]
Common Whitethroat                         19th February                      27th November
Garden Warbler                                 21st March                          3rd November
Blackcap                                            late March                           late October [5]
Yellow-browed Warbler                    no spring records                 27th Sept - 17th Jan.
Wood Warbler                                  30th March                          23rd September
Chiffchaff                           Recorded January to December, main arrival mid Mar, departs late Sept.
Willow Warbler                                 16th February                      20th December
Spotted Flycatcher                             5th April                              29th October
Red-breasted Flycatcher                    no spring records                 9th Sept - 4th Dec.
Pied Flycatcher                                  3rd April                              21st December
Golden Oriole                                    1st May                               20th July
Red-backed Shrike                            10th May                            28th October
Woodchat Shrike                               10th April                            10th August
Rose-coloured Starling                       4th July                                28th November
Ortolan Bunting                                  17th June                             29th October

Species                                              Arrival                             Departure
Red-throated Diver                            12th August                         30th May
Black-throated Diver                          23rd September                  25th June
Great Northern Diver                         10th September                   28th June
Red-necked Grebe                            27th August                         30th April
Slavonian Grebe                                11th September                   11th May
Black-necked Grebe                         28th July                              18th May
Great Bittern                                     Aug. (no specific date)          3rd June
Bewick's Swan                                 1st October                          19th March
Whooper Swan                                 19th September                   14th April
Bean Goose                                      22nd October                      5th March
Pink-footed Goose                           16th October                        14th March
Greater White-fronted Goose            23rd September                   1st April
Barnacle Goose                                5th November                      5th April [6]
Black Brant                                      13th November                    8th March
Dark-bellied Brent Goose                 5th July                                17th May
Pale-bellied Brent Goose                  30th August                          1st May
Eurasian Wigeon                    Seen in all months, main arrival Sept, main departure March
Gadwall                                 Seen in all months, main arrival Sept, main departure April
Teal                                       Seen in all months, main arrival late August, main departure April
Northern Pintail                               26th May                               15th August
Northern Shoveler                 Seen in all months, main arrival late August, main departure early April
Common Pochard                 Seen in all months, main arrival Sept., main departure early April
Ferruginous Duck                            28th April                              23rd August
Tufted Duck                          Seen in all months, in good numbers
Greater Scaup                                  26th July                               17th May
Common Eider                      Seen in all months, in good numbers
Common Scoter                    Seen in all months, in good numbers
Velvet Scoter                                   24th July                               17th June
Red-breasted Merganser                

* = Many now seen throughout the year
[1] = Certain Nov/Dec dates  may have been misID for Black Redstart. However the 11/12 record seems to be a genuine late record for the species.
[2] = There are two Dec records for this species, both over 30 years old. Was Siberian Stonechat ever considered [?] we shall never know.
[3] = Species may now linger into late winter. Usual dates are mid March to October.
[4] = This species has been recorded outside the period shown, however these are for eastern races and not the nominate race that breeds in the UK.
[5] = Species overwinters in small numbers in UK. The main migration beings late March & ends mid/late Oct.
[6] = Confusion with feral birds is quite possible.
'more will appear here when the recently uploaded West Glam data 1962-1972 is analysed'..............